Through the years, Almanak has become wellknown for it’s capability to host larger groups and events for any occasion. The restaurant can accommodate up to  120 seatings, all in spacious and comfortable groups. Alternatively, the whole restaurant can be booked for private and exclusive arrangements, such as weddings and other private functions, or business events, product launches etc.

 During the Summer, we also make use of our fantastic terrasse. If you want to have a unique arrival by boat, we will open up from the sea side, and you can enjoy cocktails as soon as you reach the shore.

 If you have any special requests, or if you are more than 120 persons, we can easily allocate more of our facilities of The Standard House, in order to accommodate your needs.

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New lunch menu

We have got a brand new lunch menu at Almanac. In addition, we have introduced a completely new concept: Business Lunch of the Week. In this you are guaranteed three lunch dishes within 1.5 hours. Read more here.