Happy New Year – thank you for a fantastic 2019 

Our New Year's resolution is, of course, that Almanak again will reach new heights in 2020, and so we have begun the new year by sending all our servants and chefs on holiday to gain inspiration for the year to come.

If you call us, you will, therefore, hear Michael's voice on our answering machine. He explains that the restaurant is closed for holiday January 1-29, but that our administration is open as usual.

Michael is our Head of booking and Private Dining. If you need to book an event at The Standard, his department will still accept bookings during January.

New Year greetings from the entire Team Almanak!

Andre Nyheder

Dear Guest

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Almanak is moving to the operahouse.

Read more here.

Almanak has been moved to the Opera

We have moved our restaurant Almanak to the Opera. We hope to se you at Almanak i Operaen