It has been noticed that we at The Standard yesterday presented a special offer to yet again fill the house with life, after the cancellations dropped in because of the precautions taken with the corona virus. In the following you can read a little about the different angles from the media on our initiatives.



The Standard’s owner and CEO, Merete Holst, was interviewed by TV2 Lorry last night to talk about the challenges the restaurant industry is facing with the corona virus, and why we have taken the matters into our own hands with our special offers at Almanak and Studio.
You can watch the news clip here:


Berlingske: Top restaurants offers half price on gourmet food due to coronavirus: “We have received cancellations for several hundred thousand kroner”

“Coronavirus threatens to cause empty tables at Danish restaurants. The owner of three restaurants, including the former Michelin restaurant STUDIO, will not participate, so you can now buy the food for half of what it usually costs at two of the restaurants. ”

Read the article in danish here.


Børsen: Corona result in empty tables. Gourmet restaurants cut prices by half.

“The fear of the corona virus has spread to the Danish gourmet plates. Several top restaurants report serious consequences and customer flight. Deserted restaurants and chefs with their hands in their pockets. That’s is not a good prospect for a restaurateur, but it has become a reality for a number of the country’s gourmet restaurants. On… ”

Read the article in danish here.


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New lunch menu

We have got a brand new lunch menu at Almanac. In addition, we have introduced a completely new concept: Business Lunch of the Week. In this you are guaranteed three lunch dishes within 1.5 hours. Read more here.