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Dear Guest

DEAR GUESTS   These are indeed challenging and unknown times. Due to the Corona virus, Denmark is in lockdown and that means all of our restaurants – Almanak, Mission and STUDIO – are closed down until May 1oth. In the meantime, it is possible to book a table.   Until then, we have changed our businesses into take away. This means that you can order take away meals from Almanak and Mission.     Take away food is ordered the old-fashioned way by mail and by phone 7214 8808. We will answer both phone and e-mail between 13 pm and

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NEWS WORTH SHARING It has been noticed that we at The Standard yesterday presented a special offer to yet again


IT IS HEARTBREAKING NOT HAVING A FULL HOUSE   The Corona virus has hit Denmark, which means that there are

DinnerJazz with Denmark’s Best Boogie Pianists

DinnerJazz with Denmark’s Best Boogie Pianists Copenhagen Jazzweek 2020 (Winter Edition) is coming to an end. On the occasion, we
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New lunch menu

We have got a brand new lunch menu at Almanak. In addition, we have introduced a completely new concept: Sunday "Roast". Read more here.